Trump on Deep State, Me on Hollywood

Full Measure did an interview with President Trump, and I included a link to InfoWars talking about portions of the interview. I was disappointed the full video wasn’t provided, but Alex Jones only has so much time to report news on his end. So what happened in this interview? Well, a lot. Issues the American people have with Trump were addressed, and his side of the story was heard. People have a lot of issues after listening to the fake news every day.

Everyone is angry about the quarantine, and how it affected our economy. Seriously guys? He had to shut it down to save lives. Yes, people were dying. One look at Italy, and NOPE!!! Not going to try it that way. Can you imagine going to the ER unable to breathe properly, needing a ventilator, and having none available? Trump made sure we had plenty, but the good deed went unnoticed. People were dying, because there weren’t enough staff, or ventilators to save them in some countries. In others people are bored, suspicious, angry, sad, and fighting their own government corruption. Silver lining of COVID-19 would have to be how it directed all focus onto what was going wrong in every country. That is up until Google stopped offering sufficient information for searches. 

What about now? In my opinion, one reason people are dying is because they’re too scared to go to the hospital. Still. Whose fault is that? Well, look at our news stations, and journalists trying to get as many people as possible to follow their stories, or taking bribes. Look at how human beings focus on all the bad, while ignoring the good that is staring them straight in the face!

Now everything is opening up again, and our president is confident it won’t take long to get back the wonderful economy he had built for us. I think if anyone else would have been in office, our country would have fallen. Before all of this, he lowered our unemployment numbers, and the stock markets were booming. Yet, people claim it was Obama who did everything before Trump was even in office. No, Trump made survival easier in our country, and didn’t stop there. He helped countries in need without the use of bombs like, Oh-Bomb-Ya, and was able to create a bit of peace. Obviously, the corrupt leaders of the world don’t want him to continue fixing what they want to stay broken, but it’s most likely refreshing to have an honest person stop over for tea from time to time. Still… To them, I ask why? Why do you want to keep hurting people? Without them you would have nothing, so maybe show a little respect!!!

Remember all that ridicule President Trump received by enforcing a lockdown, and banning China from entering the US? If he hadn’t taken those measures, what would have happened? In my opinion, I honestly don’t think boredom would be our worst problem right now. He had to face the public with all this hate, frustration, and anger… From what? He didn’t do anything wrong. Where did it all originate? Why were his actions questioned? What have I been pointing out this entire time? The lying, manipulating, fake mainstream media so many of us still trust, and rely on for information. You think conspiracy theorists are the most biased? Try again.

He has found it necessary to speak to the public as often as possible, even though he knows things will be taken out of context. He knows the news is corrupt, and full of lies. We have always known this, but how far are we willing to let this go? He uses social media, and is admittedly unfiltered. But neither am I. Too much of what I have said since I was a young girl was taken out of context, though, I’m not in the spotlight, and was targeted by only 5 people. I admire his courage to continue being himself, and making his own tweets.

Then we have the Russian hoax. They kept the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions. Dan Coats sat there and did nothing. $40 million investigating for 2 1/2 years to learn… What we did in preschool. Art projects! Imagine how much glitter was on that floor.

What is Trump doing right now? He says, “I’m fighting the deep state. I’m fighting the swamp… It’s a vicious group of people. It’s very bad for our country… I hate to tell you, whether you know it or not, but they’ve treated you horribly over the years.” Yes. That was context, but context based off of truth and void of repetitive statements.

The manipulation of the deep state runs deep. Alex Jones, and David Icke have been warning us, and now it is here. Trump had more to say:

“Other things are going to come out too. And a lot of other things are going to come out, but you don’t even need other things. What they’ve done is so corrupt, they’ve tried to take down a duly elected president of the United States, happens to be in this case, me, but we can never allow it to happen again… All I’m doing is exposing corruption.” So the conspiracy Theorists were right? Not just presently, but for more years than I have had the time to research. For decades people have been warning us, even our own presidents! Yet we deny it’s possible!? How? Please enlighten me as to how and why you think that way, because I need to find a way to understand it.

Anyone honest, good, and attempting to expose the truth, which reveals the corruption, is taken down for doing the right thing. From my understanding, General Flynn is one of many good people destroyed by corruption. When we look at conspiracy theories, there is a common factor in all of them. Democrats. They are powerful, and have the ability to be one of the most corrupt groups of people. The Clinton’s allegedly participated in child trafficking, went to Epstein’s island as often as Obama, and anyone getting close to the truth that would expose them all dies. All of them, who claimed to have evidence, die before that evidence comes to light. It’s like that scene in a movie where your friend calls you saying, “You will NEVER believe what I found out. It’s crazier than we imagined.”…. And the next day your friend is shot, stabbed, missing, or hung. Personally, I would be screaming at anyone who would listen about what happened. People actually do listen. Those are the people we call conspiracy theorists.

By the way, why was Hillary Clinton freaking out about the servers? We want honest people in office, and a person who has nothing to hide would not have been tearing apart all the tech in their office. It’s like these people are digging their own graves, and it honestly makes me happy. Conspiracy theorists say it will all come out soon. The biggest issue is the lack of material evidence against them. Huh. I guess this is why the previous investigators died. 

I’m not blaming Democrats. I personally think Bernie Sanders is an all around good guy. Democrats are a part of a division in this country amongst a vast array of subdivisions that work their way out into the world where they form their own divisions on different continents.

Enough of them! For now…

Every good thing Trump does results in some story highlighting him as a horrible president. He never gets any credit. Bad move media. He stated, “and I’m against the real obstructionist, which is the media, because the media is corrupt in this country.” Yeah, it lies and manipulates. Not just in the present, but since Day 1 when the CIA put it right in front of our faces that they were going to control what we watch. Ummm… Missed that part when I was watching Disney cartoons that have sexually explicit artistic designs in their animation that make me gag.

If you won’t listen to me, or other conspiracy facts, maybe you will listen to Trump, who The deep state was in fact spying on. In the interview, he stated, “I can tell you from my standpoint, they’re guilty on so many different things, but they’re guilty… There are a lot of names for it, but it’s an overthrow of our government. This is for third world countries.” He wraps it all up by commenting on how interesting the unraveling of the deep state is going to be.

One last thought. When the deep state has unraveled, will Hollywood as well? Again and again I tell you that very credible people in Hollywood are speaking out against the atrocities done on innocent children. Secret societies are real. How is it so hard for us to believe that Hollywood has one of their own? Especially, after Ricky Gervais outs all of them at their own awards ceremony! That was one of the most entertaining speeches I have seen in my entire life. It wasn’t a comedic act. He was being serious, and you could see it in the faces of those who know! Where do I stand on secret societies? With all the sarcasm in my body: Well, any secret society coming from a group of people who never age, eat at cannibal themed parties, and LIE FOR A LIVING must be innocent! After all, they are so nice on screen.

Yeah, it’s their job.

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