This Aggression Will Not Stand Man

I agree the policeman should get charged with manslaughter. This stuff happens all the time, and it is a great injustice that he will walk free. We have seen it too many times in too many ways, shapes, and forms. People have reacted with riots every time, and what does it accomplish? A big mess that screws up our own lives. People never get justice, and it is known that law needs to change; however, are we going to achieve that necessary goal by repeating the same actions that have always failed??? No. We need to find a different approach in which we don’t spread hate, but show the justice system that we need to be protected.

I need to be protected. I have been hit with almost every systematical government nonsense I possibly could, and there is no way I will stay quiet about it. There are a lot of things wrong across the world, so I’m not running around demanding justice I know I won’t receive until I Make my way to the Supreme Court to address the issues in the system that seem to protect everyone but the victims. The laws need to be updated. This is 2020. That is how you get justice. They might try to ignore you, but refuse. Do the 50 pages of paperwork, and get yourself to that place where the law actually listens to not just one person but many. Think about it… The only way to get justice is by talking to the justice system. We are a country run by too much paperwork, but it is possible after you use up about 3 trees worth of paper.

In my opinion the present situation is a result of what happens when you keep people divided. We were divided by quarantine, so it’s like our frustration and outrage is on steroids. I don’t mean to sound like a hippie, but spread love instead of hate. Remember THUG LIFE. Tupac Shakur said it all right. This is a vicious circle.

Living as a divided people is killing us all.

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