Protests and Book Smack

This nationwide protest, if done right, may bring change sparked from the horrible death of George Floyd. Some of the divisions I spoke of in previous posts have come down, and all races are banning together for awareness and justice.

Now what do we do about the worst division? The division in place from the system that is supposed to protect us, but is the source of all our pain. That division needs to change, but we need to be wary of our actions. Attacking aggression with aggression is not the way. It has failed every time, and I suggest we restrain ourselves from acting on impulses that negativity affect the society we are trying to protect and plead for the justice of.

Is this the beginning of our unavoidably necessary revolution? The memory of this life lost has given us purpose. We once again see the injustice, but this time we move as one. Remember, we are not the only county affected by injustices. The global government wants us to be divided. We need to show them they are outnumbered. As one we can create global change. America can’t do it alone.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if we can create change in the way we are attempting to. Also, I’m pretty sure Australia thinks we are crazy. I honestly don’t blame them. Other countries think they can escape the oppression within their divisions by coming to America, but is it truly better here?

For almost 3 years I have begged for help, and have yet to receive the proper help I need from my own government. It seems they would rather I be homeless. I shake my head, because they could have saved all those tax dollars by simply listening to me the first time. I strongly believe I was meant to experience almost every systematic way people suffer in this country. Why? The answer is simple. I can write about it, so a book full of their failures can give a hypothetical smack to the face of the system. What will they do when they read of what they did to one person that is the suffering of many?

Our voices create change. Not violence. Use your voice.

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