Soros: Evil Genius & Goodbye Cabal!!!

So… We’ve got Soros to discuss. There is a lot of controversy on this subject, and I’ve made a decision where I stand. It is my hope that you form an opinion as well, because the divisions our society lives in need to be broken down. Actually, the divisions all over the world need to come to an end.

Let’s start with current events. A peaceful protest turned into a riot seemingly out of nowhere. Is Soros at work? He is constantly accused by global nationalists for causing all their issues like, I don’t know… Riots. Both Minneapolis and saint Paul mayors stated that the people causing all the damage in the recent rioting came from outside of the region. They didn’t even live in the cities. Why did they act insane, destroy communities, and break up what was a peaceful protest? It created and outrageous nationwide uprising. You may be surprised to know that peaceful protests are often turned into riots from people not associated with the protesters in other countries as well.

Conspiracy Theorists blame George Soros for these destructive situations. Forbes says they are ” – employing an old conspiracy theory based on false information and anti-semitic tropes.” A quick Google search will tell you exactly what anti-Semitic tropes are. Jewish sites have information regarding people who have used anti-Semitic tropes, but when I was reading the statements made by politicians and their later apologies I found myself wondering why they would hint at something like that. Well, George Soros is Jewish, and the people accused of being negative towards an entire group of people may be hinting towards one man. Why else would Forbes have a biased opinion claiming politicians and government officials using these tropes are insulting the Jewish people within our country? I cannot fathom a politician or government official using a trope such as this to target a group of people. They are always hinting towards something, and that is George Soros.

I have to admit on the surface he sounds like a decent guy. After all, he helped forge documents so people could escape the Nazis and Holocaust. He also created the foundation OSF, or Open Society Foundation. This foundation supports societal groups around the world and claims to bring justice to the people, education, public health, and independent media. Alright, that’s a nice gesture. He wants free people to receive justice, proper healthcare, and, well, independent media could arguably go either way. More censorship or less? Who knows!? Still sounds decent until you realize he may possibly be using his foundation OSF as a cover and excuse for another agenda.

Side note: the open society president, Patrick Gaspard, worked with Obama on political affairs in the White House. I have yet to delve into that. Stay tuned.

Anyway, OSF pretty much wants to build democracies. If you look into it, you can see Soros has funded organizations that oppose each other. This creates a lot of divisions in different societies he decides to invest in. Hmm… So he funds the majority of organizations that oppose each other, and essentially destroys what the people are fighting for. This then requires them to need more funding as the division widens. What of the outsiders creating riots? There is previous video evidence of a group of people marching for their payment from Soros after they ruined a peaceful protest for him. Is that not convincing enough? Why did he solidify the conspiracy around them by actually giving them money?

So why are politicians, government officials, former and present candidates, and credible people across many nations targeting him?

Macadamia had a movement called ” stop operation soros ” and express the need for their country to be rid of the plague he set upon them.

Kaczynski has a statement regarding the societies Soros works towards saying they are “without an identity”.

Nigel Forage claims “he interferes in elections and referendums all over the world”.

Matteo Salvini refers to Soros as “dangerous”.

The Moscow Kremlin banned OSF after the violent uprisings. Sounds familiar….

Australia? They agree with all of the above.

Then you have the sketchy comment where Soros stated, ” the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. ” Well, break us down, and he has free reign. It feels like he already tried and failed.

Then you have him labeled as the “man who broke the Bank of England”. Huh, that would for sure benefit the global government.

Oh! He was hacked by the way. These hackers released some information that shined a spotlight on the organizations “devoted to the eradication of national sovereignty” Or liberate the entire world from constitutionalism. I would rather not. Just saying.

According to WikiLeaks, Soros played a role in the media coverage of events in Ukraine. Basically, he made it seem how he wanted it to.

Bill Donohue made a statement about Podesta, who made comments about the Catholic Church that were insulting. Donohue said Podesta “is the front man for George Soros to create a host of phony anti-catholic groups. these are not just bad comments, as some have suggested. These words are orchestrated, calculated, and designed to create fissures in the Catholic Church.” He has minions creating divisions everywhere. Ugh… The infamous Podesta and his evil genius overlord Soros, who, again, seemingly created an organization to act as a front or excuse to dig his claws in as many societies as possible.

Seriously. Wherever his money goes there is a division or an attempt to create one. Everyone accuses him of creating divisions that are widespread throughout America and other countries. Within every division there are a few more! I sarcastically tell him, “Well done.” Seriously, think about it. Where he puts his money, whether politically, internationally, or in other divisions in each country there is chaos. I found very little information on how well of a job he has done for us all. Forbes seems to love him, though. Why?

Taking into consideration the recent comment from attorney general William Barr’s regarding riots and domestic terrorism: “the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements. Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.” He goes on to state these radical groups are driving us apart, “and we cannot let them succeed.” Have I not been stressing this entire time that we need to break down our divisions and find some middle ground with one another?

Again, Forbes says they are ” – employing an old conspiracy theory based on false information and anti-semitic tropes.” They write about him so beautifully censored that you almost want to believe it. In my opinion, these tropes are not meant against the jewish people, but a person who deserves to be investigated from common knowledge spread worldwide.

What else do I have??? Well, it gets interesting:

Through an American Patriots email report by Benjamin Fulford with an article titled “Zionist pandemic + Riots Plan Blows Up In Their Faces”, I was able to learn there is a member of the Rockefeller family that opposes the authoritarian ideals in his company. It wasn’t clearly stated if this person was the source of information, but Bill Gates and David Rockefeller had an odd meeting with Waren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, and Oprah Winfrey among others. Oprah? Soros? Bill Gates? The other dudes? Um, just going to say that all sounds really sketchy, and I seriously don’t like it. In the article Fulford quotes and narrates, “none of them expressed opposition to the stated purposes of this meeting, which were: to perform massive abortions in the third world, and massive eugenics methods (electronic warfare, chemical warfare, and biological warfare) In the first world, in order to reduce the world population to 1 billion, in an effort whose consequences would far exceed the lifetimes of the participants, and to be their ‘legacy’ to the world.”

Well, I can’t say I’m all that surprised. I have already questioned the motives of Bill Gates, and his dark history with human trial vaccinations in places like villages in India on girls around 12. That human trial did not go well, and I am outraged that he went there under the cover of a kind man wanting to help the poor. Sounds a lot like Soros. No wonder they had a meeting with members of the Rockefeller family. Do they technically own us all? Has Soros orchestrated our every move just like he has in other countries?

I tried seeing the side Forbes was portraying, and it all felt like one big lie.

Whatever, we all know who these not so secret people are now, and they should be planning their escape soon. It’s time to say goodbye to the Cabal.

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