Essentia Health and Ryan Smart

I thought the doctor was my salvation. I thought my life would finally be better, but he made it worse. He didn’t even fix his mistake. Why? Was it the expense of the surgery? Why did he leave the hospital, when it was discovered my worsening condition with the odd neurological symptoms was a result […]

Broken System, Soros Riots?, Part of Memoir

I decided to include a chapter from my memoir today. It seems fitting for this moment. I need to tell you what happened, and where I will soon be. None of what you read is an exaggeration. There’s no need to exaggerate a reality that is my horrible life. I don’t think people get it, […]

Protests and Book Smack

This nationwide protest, if done right, may bring change sparked from the horrible death of George Floyd. Some of the divisions I spoke of in previous posts have come down, and all races are banning together for awareness and justice. Now what do we do about the worst division? The division in place from the […]

This Aggression Will Not Stand Man

I agree the policeman should get charged with manslaughter. This stuff happens all the time, and it is a great injustice that he will walk free. We have seen it too many times in too many ways, shapes, and forms. People have reacted with riots every time, and what does it accomplish? A big mess […]

1 Year 6 Month Quarantine

In 2019 I remember what it was like to be alone all day without ever having a decent conversation or a simple hello. Sometimes it would be days before I actually saw another human being I could say something to. The only way people wanted to converse was electronically, and it got to a point […]

Trump on Deep State, Me on Hollywood

Full Measure did an interview with President Trump, and I included a link to InfoWars talking about portions of the interview. I was disappointed the full video wasn’t provided, but Alex Jones only has so much time to report news on his end. So what happened in this interview? Well, a lot. Issues the American […]

FINALLY watched Rose and Icke: let me get you there

If you have some more questions regarding a DNA vaccination, someone was kind enough to ask me about the COVID-19 vaccine post. My response was greatly detailed, so it may help others understand different viewpoints a little better. I hope that reply helped them, and may help some of you understand as well. I’m happy […]

A Revolution

If you are just now tuning in, get ready for random content, written reactions to content, and finding some middle ground I can work with. Yes, I admittedly get worked up in a reaction, and lose the middle ground I strive for… But I always find my way back. I form my own opinions based […]

You think COVID-19 vaccination is good?

Maybe… It’s too early to tell. Far too early to consider it for quite some time. I’m thoroughly annoyed of the anger and frustration between mainstream and everyone else about this vaccine. I have heard both sides, and I’m sticking to my side: Science. I get that this vaccine is revolutionary. I really do, but […]

Bill Gates: Phase 2

Yes, Bill Gates is known by mainstream media as the man who goes to impoverished countries to vaccinate it’s people. He runs trials on the young and the poor claiming it is to prevent unnecessary deaths. This seems incredibly kind and innocent. In every photo of the guy he looks like a cute, loveable nerd… […]

Bill Gates = Global Destruction

No right to not be vaccinated. No right to not wear a mask? I wish only the worst for you Bill Gates. You will get what you deserve. Documentation proved Bill Gates went to India and Africa for the human trials of his testing. Deformities, cancer, and whatever other horror story you can think of […]

I Believe in a Revolution

Mainstream media has spent years manipulating us like gullible children. We didn’t listen to the people warning us, and look at us now. We want to talk, but they take our voices away. The truth gets hidden in lies. Those masks are to see who will listen and obey. These words stem from a conversation […]

Twitter Censors Donald Trump Tweet Calling Out Censorship – It’s Time to Address Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media | The Red Elephants     If they can censor our president, they can censor all of us. I will be enraged if they take this site away from me. Might as well get a new one ready. Maybe I’ll call it Banned Shadow Walker. If I’m gone, you will know where to look.